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'CTC Training' started by an IT professional who has suffered to reach the IT industry during their career start and found a lot of people struggling to start their career in the IT industry. After a detailed study with various IT companies and HRs found that the number of openings are huge but the talent and the knowledge we expect from the students are not met by them. Four years of engineering is just teaching them a bookish knowledge of the technology and the practical knowledge that is required on job is not given in this four years. How many of us can think and write the program on our own? A handful of people can do this and they get the placement in campus but rest. Yes, we strive hard, struggle so much to get to that level and to make your job search easy, we have started CTC training, an IT Training Institute in Chennai to train the student on the latest and emerging technologies.

Confidence for every one of your career is the technical skills and how do you build that confidence to reach your dream career start in your life. CTC training is the place to boost your level of confidence to succeed in your technical interview and the best IT experts working in top MNC companies are part of CTC training helping our students to increase their technical competency level. Each and every trainer we have in CTC training have a strong proficiency in the technology they are training and share the knowledge with our students as part of the training. From the syllabus we follow to the exercises we give is all framed and reviewed by the experts from the industry to meet their requirements. We enlighten your knowledge with a lot of practical sessions and the assignments as well as exercises we give is framed according to the interview questions asked in most of the top companies in Chennai.

Technical knowledge is not the only thing that can make you successful but you need to deliver the technical knowledge you have to the interviewers so that they can start your career. Thus communication skills, interpersonal skills, and there are lot of other skills required to get through the career and we provide all the necessary training with job assurance IT Training in Chennai offered by CTC training, the first-rated IT Training Institute in Chennai. You can try a demo class with us to feel the training we are providing to our students. Contact us to schedule a demo class with us.