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Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai

Cloud computing is the base for amazon web services and this is to make the resources available to customer on-demand and you can pay for just the number of resources your using every day. Web services are now provided on Cloud by Amazon Web Services. How do you pay for your electricity and the similar way is the Amazon Web services resources. Pay for the usage of resources your company is using instead of making a permanent investment on purchasing your own resources. Store your data, static website hosting, online training programs, peak load handling, and a lot more can be done using Amazon Web Services. Web interface, command line interface, and a lot more of interfaces are provided through this. Almost 190 MNC in the today industry is using Amazon Web Services and thus think the number of opportunities each and every company will have for people with the knowledge of Amazon Web Services. Amazon itself has a huge number of opening for people with Amazon Web Services knowledge and thus requires people with expertise in this technology. 'CTC Training' provides the best Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai with the aim to provide the students with the amazon web services knowledge.

CTC Training in Chennai has the best trainers on the job for the training our students on the Amazon Web Services and they have a hands on with this technology for more than 8 years. They share their knowledge with you to make a great career for you and make your professional life a step ahead of your friends. Basic to advanced topics in Amazon Web Services will be given training as part of the Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai and we also make sure that the training is given more on practical level than theory based. We have a regular practical sessions to help you get a real hands on with the technology to make you feel it easy on your job as well as in the interview. Trying out on the technology will make it get deep into your mind and you will remind everything for your life. Old technologies are eating up your career growth or making you upset about your career. Never worry about all this today and give us an opportunity to shape your career with this Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai.

CTC Training has trained the syllabus of Amazon Web Services Course in Chennai to make it suit the needs of the IT industry. We also provide job assurance course for our students and get the opportunity at their doorsteps. Joining CTC training’s Amazon Web Service Training in Chennai solves all your problems with a single training. Contact us to know more about our training and schedule a demo class with us to know more about our training.


Amazon Web Services Training Course syllabus

  • Amazon Compute & Networking Services
  • Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery
  • Amazon Database Services
  • Amazon Application Development & Identity Access Management
  • Amazon API & Supporting Tools