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Android Training in Chennai

Google’s operating system for your smart phones and tablets with a Linux Kernel is the Android operating system. Application supported by Android is one that makes it very famous and the ease of using the applications has made it a highly demanding operating system. Apps is the recent term that is used for applications developed and used in mobile. App development is on the major career for people learning Android and there are other opportunities as well in Android. Android software development kit, Java gives you the easiest way to develop apps and programs for android and this has the complete Android APIs. The other major opportunity with Android is because it is open source is the enchantment as such to the operating system. One of the most in demand job opportunities in today’s world Android and CTC Training helps you in getting the Android knowledge through the best Android Training in Chennai. We aim in making the learning of new technologies easy and handy with this Android Training Course in Chennai.

CTC Training has the best Android developers working in top IT app Development Company to make you understand Android in an easy and efficient way. The trainers deployed for your training has a huge number of experience in Android and have handled various Android projects. They suggest students to take up Android Course in Chennai as they know how much android knowledge people requirements are there in the industry. If you are interested in learning Java, then android additional learning will boost your career to a great level. We also make your learning curve easy with the best trainers and also make you try all everything through practical sessions and experiment on Android during your sessions. We also get you a one-to-one session to help you get all your doubts clarified with the trainers and get the in-depth clear knowledge through this best Android Training in Chennai. We also arrange for guest lecturer to talk about the happening on Android and requirements industry has on each and every one of you. Comfortable, easy and complete knowledge to the students is the ultimate aim of CTC Android Training Course in Chennai.

Through our placement assurance training, we make sure our students get an opportunity for you career start. We have a set of people working at your background for your placement and we give 100% placement guarantee with this course. As learning is made easy, we also make it easy for you get job. Join our course to make your job search easy and a step into CTC will make you keep your next step in one of the top MNC companies. Schedule a demo class with us to know more us or send us an enquiry to help you understand the training process.

  • History of Android
  • Introduction to Android OS
  • What is Android?
  • Android Versioning
  • Android Development Tools
  • Android Architecture
  • Practical Installation of Android SDK, Eclipse and ADT Plug-in
  • Structure of a Android Project
  • OOPS Concepts – Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • OOPS Concepts – Interfaces, Abstract class
  • OOPS Concepts – Threads, Java Swings, Layout Managers
  • OOPS Concepts – Overloading and Overriding

Android Concepts (Advanced)

  • Activity – Activity Lifecycle ( Callback Methods)
  • Activity – Fragments & Fragment Lifecycle
  • Intent and Intent Filters
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Introduction to Layouts and Design
  • Layout Manager and different Layouts
  • SQLite – Database Usage
  • Application Design Guidelines
  • Android Best Practices (Coding)