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Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

Internet is being used for everything today and Cloud computing is more way to use internet. Using servers and hosted resources on the internet that can be used instead of a local server is called the cloud computing. Maintaining and build server on in house is an investment and if you want to reduce the number of servers or computers in house then do you think it will be a profit for you. No, and just comes into picture Cloud computing to you whatever is needed and pay for those, you can increase the number of resources you need or decrease the number of resources you need. No money waste on the systems or servers is the concept of Cloud computing and thus there is a lot of demand for this technologies in the IT industry. CTC training is one of the most famous cloud computing training institute in Chennai providing the best Cloud Computing Training in Chennai that will help the students to get their career in a unique technologies. Don’t ever have a second thought about taking cloud computing training because it gives you the career path that will lead you to a great level.

CTC training has best trainers working on Cloud computing in the industry and have an unbelievable years of experience with a lot of knowledge on this new technology. It is new for us but it is not for the industry. There are a lot companies moving to cloud now a days and thus the number of people required to work on cloud is doubling every year. Thus CTC training provides the best cloud computing training to make sure this technology reaches to people who are interested in taking this opportunity. The exposure we get to the latest happening in IT industry is very less and thus we see the career opportunities in java, dot net and testing and we don’t want you to think you narrow as there are wide range of technologies. Thus the whole intention of CTC to provide the Cloud Computing Course in Chennai is to give exposure to this technology and bring you a unique career opportunity through this training.

CTC training guides the students in their career path and get the opportunities to the door steps for the students. We have a separate team of people working with the MNC companies to find the right career path for our students. SalesForce, OpenStack, VMWare V Cloud, and Amazon Web Services are the various cloud computing training we are providing as part of this best Cloud Computing Training in Chennai. We have foot mark in the industry has the best cloud computing training institute in Chennai and have trained many successful candidates. Contact us to know more about us and schedule a demo class with us to know about our training.

SalesForce Training Course syllabus

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Introduction
  • Basic Navigations
  • Level 1 – Administration of
  • Level 2 – Development in

Openstack Training Course syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Compute (Nova)
  • OpenStack image service (Glance)
  • Software defined storage (Cinder)
  • Software defined storage (Swift)
  • Software defined networking (Neutron)
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity & Access Management (Keystone)
  • OpenStack dashboard (Horizon)
  • Additional components of an OpenStack system

VMware Training Course syllabus

  • Installing VMware vSphere Graphical User Interfaces
  • Configuring VMware ESXi
  • Working with Virtual Machines
  • Configuring the vCenter Server Appliance
  • Standard Virtual Switches
  • Accessing iSCSI Storage
  • Accessing IP Storage
  • Managing VMware vSphere VMFS
  • Using Templates and Clones
  • Modifying a Virtual Machine
  • Migrating Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Managing vApps
  • Access Control
  • User Permissions
  • Resource Pools
  • Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
  • Using Alarms
  • Using vSphere High Availability
  • Configuring VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • VMware vSphere Update Manager
  • Installing VMware vCenter Server

Amazon Web Services Training Course syllabus

  • Amazon Compute & Networking Services
  • Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery
  • Amazon Database Services
  • Amazon Application Development & Identity Access Management
  • Amazon API & Supporting Tools