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Cognos Training in Chennai

A web based integrated suite which has toolsets to analyze, score carding, reporting, and monitoring of events is the Cognos. There are a lot of different information needed for each company and Cognos satisfies all these different needs of the customers with several components. Event studio used to indicate the events to the enterprise and this is also called as notification tools. Analysis Studio is creating analysis for data from the source and do a background information search of all the data based on the event and the action. Report studio to create the reports in two modes which are professional authoring and the second on is express authoring. Self-service queries and getting answers for your simple queries by yourself is made possible with Query Studio. Point of connection to browse all the functions available in the suit is Cognos Connection. With this basic information, you will not be able to rule the technology Thus Event Studio, Analysis studio, Cognos Connection, Query Studio, and Report Studio are the very basic components that helps in providing the information requirements to the company. CTC training has a strong mark in the industry as the best Cognos Training Institute Training in Chennai and we give the best Cognos Course in Chennai to make your career a successful career and help you grow higher and higher in your professional life with the help of the best Cognos Training in Chennai.

CTC Training first understands the student’s requirements, their goal, their dream, and their interest and suggest them to take the course that will best suit them. Thus we have tutors to give the best Cognos Training in Chennai and we aim in providing an industry level training for the students. We don’t aim in training the students to get a job, we aim at providing knowledge to our students such that they will not face any difficulty in their career and be an outstanding performer in the industry. We have figured out the best Cognos Course materials, assignments, hands-on projects, real level knowledge, and in depth knowledge of Cognos with the experts giving walk-in lectures for the students. We also provide mock interviews, personality development classes, and lot more to enhance you to meet the needs of the IT industry. CTC also through this Cognos training aims in providing more practical knowledge to the students and makes sure that every student is groomed well to face the real challenges in the world.

CTC is not the best Cognos Training Institute in Chennai, it is also one of the institute that provides placement assistance for its students. We have tie up with more than 200 MNC companies and we have a set of people at the backend working for placing our students. Stop working hard to get an entry into IT industry and take a step towards CTC. Your job hunt is made easy with us. Schedule a demo class with us to know more about us.


Overview of Business Intelligence

  • What is Business Intelligence
  • Why is BI important and where can we use it
  • Components of BI
  • Business Intelligence Roadmap

Overview of Data Warehousing

  • What is Data warehouse, why do we need it
  • Data warehouse architecture and its components
  • Define star schema – fact and dimensions
  • Understand OLTP and OLAP Systems

Overview of Cognos 10.1 BI and Architecture

  • Introduce Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Examine the different studios in Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Identify the different data sources within the studios
  • Highlight key capabilities of Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Understand Cognos multi layered architecture

Cognos 10.1 BI Administration

  • Create and modify a data source
  • Create database backups
  • Understand roles users and groups
  • Specify permission settings

Cognos 10.1 Connection

  • What is Cognos connection
  • Examine Cognos connection UI elements – create a URL, Login, Logoff
  • Entry properties: General Properties, Permission, Report, Query, Analysis, Job, Agent and Page Properties
  • Navigation – Public and Private Folder
  • Open reports with report name, Go to links, Run reports from a view
  • Run Reports – Prompt Pages, Printing a report and Open in excel
  • View the run history of a report and historical reports
  • Closing and creating quick links to reports – my folder
  • Shortcut and browser bookmark
  • Personalize Cognos connection
  • Backups – Export of Cognos
  • Content store or select items for backups
  • Restore an exported backup
  • Create and customize a page and share a single page with multiple users

Cognos 10.1 Framework Manager (metadata modelling)

  • Introduction to framework manager
  • Framework manager basics
  • User interface, navigation, objects
  • Planning the project and data model, framework manager workflow
  • Naming conventions for objects in a project
  • Designing project
  • Create project
  • Importing metadata from one and more sources
  • Exporting metadata
  • Data sources
  • Working with data source connections
  • Create and modify data sources
  • Improve performance by setting query processing type
  • Preparing relational metadata for use in reports
  • Verifying relationships
  • Working with dimensions
  • Working with query
  • Subjects – data, model and stored procedure query subject
  • Working with query items- set usage and aggregate property
  • Making metadata available to report authors
  • Verify model
  • Set governors
  • Improving performance
  • Create and modify package
  • Controlling access to metadata
  • Explore package publish package
  • Guideline for modelling metadata
  • Best practices – presentation and database layers
  • Merge metadata
  • Perform calculations and filer

Cognos 10.1 Query Studio

  • Introduction to query studio
  • Create reports (List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Charts)
  • Changing the appearance of reports (Format)
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Filters and prompts
  • Subtotals and calculations
  • Run and manage reports
  • Drill through reports

Cognos 10.1 Analysis Studio

  • Introduction to Analysis Studio
  • Creating a basic analysis
  • Working with data in crosstab
  • Exploring data
  • Limiting data
  • Calculating data
  • Sharing data

Cognos 10.1 Report Studio

  • Introduction to report studio
  • Report studio user interface
  • Creating, save and run reports
  • Report templates
  • Managing reports
  • Types of reports
  • List reports
  • Crosstab reports charts
  • Formatting a report
  • Report layout guidelines
  • Fonts, styles, header, footer and orders
  • Insert objects
  • Swap columns and rows
  • Working with data
  • Filters, parameters and prompts
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Subtotals and calculations
  • Working with queries
  • Working with reports
  • Managing changes in the package
  • Conditional formatting
  • Drill-through reports
  • Drill-up / drill-down reports
  • Master-detail reports
  • Scheduling reports