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UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Chennai

Open source operating system capable of handling operations and executions from various users in same time and it is an invention from Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson in AT & T Bell Labs at 1969. Unix System has a shell interface to run your programs based on the input user provides to the program. There are a few other shells available apart from the shell interface namely Bourne Shell (SH), C Shell (CSH), Korn Shell (KSH) and the most available shell have the same syntax. SH based shells are KSH and BASH whereas CSH based shell are TCSH. Automating the scripts, creating the scripts, and the automation is made easy with Unix Shell scripting. A script is said to running non-interactively on the shell and in normal scenarios the shell will be running interactively. The very basic of Unix Shell Scripting are VI editors, Communications, Processes, Filters, Environment, File Permissions, Directories, Pipes, File management, Environments. Thus UNIX shell scripting is very important for everyone who will be working on this operating system and this is the base for using this operating. CTC training provides the best Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai to help students understand the necessity real need of UNIX shell scripting and we have the Unix Shell Scripting Course in Chennai syllabus framed according to the industry requirements as well as reviewed by the industry experts in MNC companies.

CTC Training has the best trainers in the industry to make the students understand the basics to the advanced level of topics of the best Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai and we aim in providing more practical sessions on the technology to get the clear understand of each and every topic our students are learning. The trainers in CTC training have experience more than 10 years and they share all the pros, cons, good, and bad they have faced in their job so that you can face the real job with more confidence. Apart from this we also have special lecture class from the industry experts to make you understand the real Unix Shell scripting usages and the various requirements as well as expectations from the people each and every company is recruiting.

CTC Training also bring in a placement assistance course to make the job search of each and every student and we bring the opportunities to the door steps for our students. We also give special training for students for making it easy for them to crack the interview and help them get the right career path as they have dreamt for a long. Never is it too late to get your dream so step into one of the awesome Unix Shell Scripting Training Institute in Chennai and register for the Unix Shell Scripting Course in Chennai.

  • Introduction
  • Processing & Listing
  • File Creation and Displaying
  • Files Handling
  • Cut and Paste
  • GREP and EGREP
  • ZIP & TAR
  • FIND command
  • Handling Jobs
  • Introduction to Shell
  • Command Substitution
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Conditional & Looping Statement
  • Functions
  • Advanced Commands
  • Editors
  • AWK
  • Scheduler
  • Advanced Shell Scripting
  • Database Connectivity