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Web Designing & Development Training in Chennai

HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Node JS, PHP, MySQL and a lot more of coding technologies that will help you design and develop your website. Everyone doing business, startup companies, colleges, top IT companies and even a small textile shop today have a website on their own. Web design and development has a lot of career scope for people who are interested in creative idea and design techniques. Style sheets to describe the web page presentation, colors, backgrounds, layout, font size and lot of other things we can define using HTML. Website is the gateway for a company to reach its customer and thus it is very important for every company to have a website. Think about how big opportunities we have in this world for wed designing and web development. You don’t have to work under someone, you can freelancing if you learn web designing. Thus working at your own time and own pace is possible with the knowledge of web designing. CTC training provides you the best Web Designing and Development Training in Chennai and actually we have a special web designing course to make you become the best web designer in Chennai. Never think about joining CTC training has its place for in the top list of Web Designing and Development Training Institute in Chennai.

CTC Training has supporting hands from the top MNC companies and thus the trainers are from the industry with experience to the height of Himalaya. They provide you the best web designing training and the share all the knowledge with you during the training. We also have regular one-to-one sessions that help you clear your doubts in person with the trainers and practical sessions to make you implement and get hands dirty with web designing. Struggling by yourself and learning and getting a proper guidance to learn things has a huge difference. Learning under the guidance of an experienced person will make you learn the knock and corner of the technology and it is easy as well to learn things under the guidance of a trainer. CTC makes your learning process easy with the best web designing training in Chennai. Our Web Design Course in Chennai is framed and reviewed by the industry experts and we give you an industry level training with the trainers from MNC companies.

CTC Training includes placement and give job assurance in the placement and job assurance web design course. Thus through this training we aim to arranging for an opportunity for our students to get their career start without any great difficulties. Attend our free demo class to know more about our Web Designing Training Institute in Chennai and decide on joining with us for your professional success.

HTML & CSS Training Course syllabus

HTML Training Syllabus

  • Overview of HTML
  • Formatting text with HTML
  • Adding local and remote links
  • Adding graphics
  • Creating lists in HTML
  • Creating tables in HTML
  • Setting Body and Background Attributes
  • Web Page Design Guidelines
  • Adding Links to other Internet Services
  • HTML5 Training Syllabus

CSS Training Syllabus

  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Inheritance and Cascading Order
  • Formatting Text and Fonts
  • Formatting Colors and Backgrounds
  • Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes
  • Create Your Own HTML Tags
  • Positioning Block-Level Elements
  • Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM)